Gorilla - Snot Gel - Rockero - Jar 9.52oz - (C)

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Gorilla - Snot Gel - Rockero - Jar 9.52oz

Make unthinkable hairstyles that require the Gorilla Rocker Explosive Snot Gel and you imagination as the limit.
You hair will be unique like your personality
Explosive proof any weather or activity that you do and with its unique formula; leaves no residue.
Gorilla Snot Gel hair care and care about your environment for its natural ingredients. Snot your hair!

  • Jar with easy top access
  • Extra shine
  • Residue free
  • Reactivate with water

How To Use: Apply a portion of Gorilla Snot Gel Rocker Explosive with your fingers on your hair, shape it to your liking. Reactivated with water.