Gorilla - Snot Gel - Sport - Jar - (C)

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Gorilla - Snot Gel - Sport - 9.52 oz

Now you can create sporty hair styles that will stand the energy of a high performance athlete. Gorilla Snot Sport Energizer reflects pure active energy!
Gorilla Snot Gel® Sport will help you maintain your hairdo throughout any activity, thanks to its high endurance formula.
Its advanced residue-free formula also nourishes your hair because of its natural ingredients. Snot your hair.

  • Jar with easy top access
  • Maximum hold
  • Mint aroma
  • Fresh and clean sensation
  • Residue free
  • Reactivate with water

How To Use: Apply a portion of Gorilla Snot Gel® SPORT on your fingers and start styling. Reactivate with water.